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I love beautiful Castles, and frankly I love art, and history as well. The middle ages lack of recorded history intrigues me. Im no expert or scholar, Im just a fan. On this website I have a collection of interesting images and posts about celtic history and castles. Anything beautiful or interesting from the time that I can find will be posted here. And in the spirit of getting things off on the right foot, here is one of my favorite images of a castle.

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Jan 11


The MacDhádhoc family, according to my research, originally hail from the highlands of Scotland, later migrating down into Ulster, Northern Ireland, and eventually into County Galway, into the ancient province of Connaught …. The “Mac” was later dropped, and the name was anglicanized by the English to the form my family has now used for a few hundred years or so … This side of the family came not only to the Boston area of the U.S., but also to the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama in the late 18th century and beyond …. The majority of my father’s family still resides in Georgia, while he, a brother, and two sisters settled in Alabama …. The MacDhádhocs are the artists, the poets, the musicians, and the creators whose Irish blood flows the strongest through my veins …. I have always identified closely with them, and considering I have their auburn red hair, their piercing eyes, their “giggle”, and their temperament (free-spirited, fun-loving, artistic), I am very “MacDhádhoc” in my mannerisms and ways …. If there truly is a “faery people”, The Tuatha de Danann, then the MacDhádhocs are of their lineage — bold, creative, passionate, intelligent, a friend to all furry/fluffy/feathered creatures & children alike, curious, and altruistic …. The people on this side of the family have the “heart of the fey”, and I am no exception !

I have always loved both sides of my family — I have wonderful childhood memories of each of them — and I am honored to write about them today …. Celtic blood is strong, rich, very powerful, very true to it’s roots, and I can’t think of any other heritage I would choose to come from other than Irish/Scottish — Celtic — blood !

Jan 11


 Welcome to my Celtic Castle — the Noble House of O’Smolláin-MacDhádhoc — where you will find a small collection of short stories about my Irish heritage, my parents & my family, a few special childhood memories, my thoughts on religious tolerance, and my faith.

I believe my God would have me extend my friendship to all who enter into this Castle, and that’s exactly what I plan to do ! … Therefore, every visitor to my web site — regardless of race, religion, nationality, political affiliation, sexual orientation, etc. etc. — will be “met with Grace and treated with Dignity”, as a reflection of the Heart of Christ.

I have created an Education/Information page – “The Castle Library” – with articles on all the major world religions, celtic/medieval history & culture, medieval/renaissance literature, philosophy, political science, mythology, folklore, classic science, tolerance & understanding, world history, and much more ! — I hope you will visit this particular page — Click Here — as I want this web site to be educational as well as aesthetically pleasing!

I have designed this web site to honor all human beings, and I will tell you that I am an openminded, openhearted Christian who loves learning from other religions, cultures and philosophies, yet is someone who emphatically follows Christ … So if you are offended by Tolerance & Understanding (as a few of my visitors have been), and lest you “judge” me for not following a “Christian only” view here, then I would suggest that you exit now — I truly believe that “for God so loved the World”, and if He loves the whole World, then so should I … I believe my God would have me extend my friendship to all who enter into this Castle, and that’s exactly what I plan to do ! … Therefore, every visitor to my web site — regardless of race, religion, nationality, political affiliation, sexual preference, etc etc — will be “met with Grace and treated with Dignity”, as a reflection of the Heart of Christ …. I pray many blessings upon all who pass through my Castle doors! …. Beir bua agus beannacht, (best wishes), and Sith agus Slainte’ bha (Peace and Good Health to you),

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Document Management Software For Superior Productivity

The difference between document management software from efile,  and a regular word processor is sheer capability. While regular document software enables a writer or manager to keystroke sentences and data efficiently, they are limited in their acquisition and distribution capabilities. Doing more than editing and printing requires expensive macros that are better purchased as apart of a comprehensive package.

Management software provides something called an integrated work environment. This enables collaboration on documents and also provides supervisory powers to a team leader. A step ahead of word processors is the ability to connect a team into a network and have them update their work instantly.

Do not underestimate the power of group thinking. An editor can correct a document while the researcher types. A group can discuss problems in real time without having to shout over cubicles. This type of cooperation can actually be harder to achieve in physical contact, because office workers are more accustomed to looking at a machine than debating people.

An excellent document management software also has many small tools to empower the owner. The ability to import content from a wide variety of sources and file types is a powerful tool, and smarter software is able to exchange between formats. Imagine pulling text from the web without having to copy and paste or manually convert from HTML.

Power software has all the ways to dramatically increase productivity. The ability to port documents to PDF could cost up to a hundred dollars as separate software while the ability to open a PDF as a document is even rarer technology. The ability to port the same software to a smart phone and take a project anywhere is in a class of its own.

Make sure to choose a higher grade of work processor. Expensive documents should be able to be encrypted or otherwise protected with multiple security layers. Documents should be organized more efficiently rather than simply dumped into a generic folder. The software should be smart enough to read scanned images and produce an electronic document from this alone. That is power to do business.

Mar 23

Understanding The Ins And Outs Of Internet Marketing

Many entrepreneurs have embraced Internet marketing because of its advantages. Most companies nowadays cannot run smoothly without the help of web tools since most customers check things online. Some amateur capitalists are unable to run their businesses well because they do not have skills and knowledge about online marketing. You amateurs should check out ontrastudios.com.Incorporating Internet into business is very important in terms of advertising and accessibility. Here are some things about Internet marketing that business people should look at.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is also known as e-marketing. It is advertising products through the use of the Internet. There are many ways to promote products and services online. Common methods include using blogs and social networking sites.

How to Promote Products and Services Online

Promoting products and services online can be done in various ways. Some prefer using social networking sites because most people communicate through such sites and for that investors assume that there are more chances that they can see advertisements posted there. Another way is by creating blogs that are maintained by web hosting companies. There are free and premium web hosting companies that people can choose from depending on their needs. For websites with videos and graphics, entrepreneurs may need to subscribe to premium services to get more storage space.

Things to Take Note of When Creating Online Ads

When creating online ads, it is best to think of short but catchy lines. There are many competitors online so it is important to think of ways to get the attention of people through pictures and impressive lines. There are also advertising companies that provide these services.

If you are writing a blog about your products and services, make sure that you use readable texts so customers can clearly understand the contents of the blog. Putting pictures on your blog will help people imagine what your product is which gives you more chances of getting more customers.

Enroll Into Marketing Courses

Acquiring new marketing ideas can help you run your business smoothly. There are many business schools that offer Internet marketing courses. As soon as you get more knowledge about online marketing, you will be able to express your ideas better and incorporate your skills into different advertising methods that can make your business flourish. You can also talk to experienced entrepreneurs to get web marketing tips. Make sure that you take note of the tips that you get so you can review them from time to time and apply them when needed.